30 Sep 2008

Paint this

This company re-creates the most incredible art, whether your hard up and selling your Rothko at auction and would still like to keep a copy of it on the wall; or your fancy creating some impressive ancestors you never had :) Very good quality, a clever idea I thought.

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29 Sep 2008


Beautiful English Furniture, lighting and accessories by Soane; I'm rather partial to the wall sconces - lovely.

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27 Sep 2008

Timorous beasties

Noted for its surreal and provocative textiles and wallpapers, the design studio Timorous Beasties was founded in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, who met while studying textile design at Glasgow School of Art.

By depicting uncompromisingly contemporary images on traditional textiles and wallpapers, Timorous Beasties has defined an iconoclastic style of design once described as “William Morris on acid.” Typical is the Glasgow Toile. At first glance it looks like one of the magnificent vistas portrayed on early 1800s Toile de Jouy wallpaper, but closer inspection reveals a nightmarish vision of contemporary Glasgow where crack addicts, prostitutes and the homeless are depicted against a forbidding backdrop of dilapidated tower blocks and scavenging seagulls.

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26 Sep 2008

Water Water Everywhere!

I have had a hard copy look book for years, images from magazines I have found and fell in love with. I would often see this wonderful huge porcelain bath set in an beautiful pale blue room, high ceilings and french doors and think WOW, but never logged in my brain the name of the company. When I was at Decorex I was drawn to a marvelous stand which was surrounded by antique baths stacked two high, they were so quirky an interesting; it took me awhile to realise that this company also stocks new bathware and there it was the bath that I had torn from a magazine and looked at millions of times - brilliant.

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Godrich Design Collective

Great quirky furniture, lighting panels and butterflies! More decorex discoveries

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25 Sep 2008


I found this company at Decorex who make new linen to antique designs, what a great idea and you can even buy off their website. I couldn't resist the baby coat hangers, so cute!

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Kate Forman Designs

I always enjoy seeing Kate Forman's stand at Decorex, this year was just as lovely. I love the soft colours and country style.

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24 Sep 2008

Best fabric award

Homes & Gardens have announced their fabric awards, I thought I'd give you a peak at my favs, if you click on the title you can see them all and choose your own. The winner of best print by Voyage is not really my usual taste, but I think it is so well done; I also love the idea of the paper backed denim to be used as wallpaper - fabulous. Gosh I do love fabric.

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