Endless Inspiration: What to do?                                                          

What to do?


After years of flatting with other people I have finally moved into a studio (alas still renting) but so nice to have it all to myself. There is thankfully enough space for separate sleeping and living areas, but the living space is quite small. There is no room for a sofa, I have one wonderful vintage armchair, but nothing if I have a guest over; not ideal. I have room for one more armchair, but can't afford to spend too much; am considering this Indian Mudha Chair, which I will make a seat cushion for, the nicest part of this chair is the weaving on the seat that would be covered by the cushion. Part of me is screaming eighties cane furniture don't do it, then another part sayes rustic and charming. Its so easier to find solutions for your clients than yourself, what to do?!