29 Nov 2008

The Wairarapa Appreciation Society - welcome to my little part of the world

I think flat point is a surf break, just ignore that this is the only map on the net that shows the key towns and would let me cheekily borrow it!

Martinborough is a little village of just 1300 people, encircled by 30 vineyards.
Random piece of information, the street plan of Martinborough is laid out in the shape of the union jack with the square at the centre. My parents are down White Rock Road, out in the countryside.

The beautiful misty hills

The quirky Italianate makeover of the Martinborough Town Hall

The view from the Square, Martinborough to the iconic Martinborough Hotel

Hotel over to the square - twice a year, the first weekend in Feb and March the Martinborough fair takes over the square and all the side streets; then in November there is Toast Martinborough, the wine festival that incorporates all the wineries round town - great fun!

The main street coming into town towards the hotel and square. The first shop on the right is a homewares lifestyle shop, its where my Mumma cut her teeth before opening her own shop April 07, around the corner on the left; I am pleased to report she is loving it and doing very well. Mint at Martinborough

North Wairarapa - the pretty Gladstone Church

North Wairarapa - the Castlepoint light house

Castle point - taken from the lighthouse looking down at the bay where the fishermen go out; I loved going here as a kid, its one of the few Wairarapa beaches you can safely swim from.

Hau Nui Wind farm - up behind my parents property

A bit more atmospheric mist

I love driving the back roads from Martinborough to Masterton - so pretty

Farm country - turned......

....wine country - Martinborough is famous for its pinot noir, my parents have a hobby organic vineyard; alot of work for a hobby, but great wine.

Home - it sure makes a girl homesick, especially as winter sets in here in London.

From the marvelous portfolio of work by David Wall. You can also check out my facebook group of the same name The Wairarapa Appreciation Society

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Pretty in pink

The iconic Koru

Stepping Succulent

Gorgeous staircase

My Favourite - the Guggenheim Museum NYC

Spiral pictures

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28 Nov 2008

Glam Hot

The ultimate bag for the xmas party circuit; seriously fabulous.

From Strawberries & Cream


27 Nov 2008

Stairway to Heaven








I think I would be terrified going up and down most of these stairs, but they look incredible.


26 Nov 2008

Fairy Liquid

Second Lives

Recycling on a grand scale

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I'm packing and booking my ticket now!

Calm and relaxing - oh I wish!!!

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25 Nov 2008

Christmas is coming

Paisley Crackers - divine

Mistletoe Lights - I'm in heaven

I bought a grape leaf version of this for my Mumma for Xmas

Wonderful witches ball

It's time to decorate!! Cox & Cox

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