27 Dec 2008

Boxing Day

Walking on the common - Boxing Day

The cute bowling club house

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As I was not at home for Christmas I decided to fight the overwhelming urge to have a Christmas tree and use my lovely decorations to Christmas up my flat instead.

I wanted to paint the pole white but ran out of time, one day. The view from here is amazing, I live in South West London I can see as far as Canary Wharf.

In an attempt to brighten up the very dull communal hall and my hideous front door, I made a wreath.

I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas - I know I did :)

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23 Dec 2008


The lyrics from the Mutton Birds song 'Wellington'.

The view from Mt Victoria Look out

'I wish I was in Wellington, the weather's not so good

The wind it cuts right through you and it rains more than it should'

'But I'd be there tomorrow, if I only could
Oh I wish I was in Wellington'

The harbour city

Lyall Bay

'I wish I was in Wellington - the bureaucracy
The suits and the briefcases along Lambton Quay'

Parliament 'The Beehive'

Lambton Quay (pronounced key)

St Mary's of the Angels Church - Corner of Bowen & Willis Streets

'The Harbour City Capital, the lights beside the sea
Oh I wish I was in Wellington'

Oriental Parade - water fountain

'It just isn't practical, you down in the capital
And me at the other end of the island

The problem is the gap - between us on the map

And there's no easy way to reconcile it

Oriental Bay to the right, Evans Bay to the left

'I wish I was in Wellington, the cafes and the bars'

The Hummingbird

My fav - The Matterhorn

'The music and the theatre, and the old Cable Car'

St James Theatre

Cuba Street Carnival

'And you can walk everywhere 'cause nowhere's very far

Oh I wish I was in Wellington'

Evans Bay

Suburb of Mt Victoria

Oriental Parade - known as OP by the locals

Frank Kitts Park

'Oh I wish... Oh I wish I was in Wellington, the wind it cuts right through I wish I was in...'

The windmill top of Brooklyn Hill

'...Wellington, there's so much more to do

Interislander ferry - between Wellington bottom of the North Island to Picton top of the South

The Lagoon

'I wish I was in Wellington, and you wish I was too'

Chillin at OP

Cuba Street

'Oh I wish I was in Wellington, 'cause then I'd be with you'

The iconic Bucket Fountain in Cuba Mall

Civic Square

OP water fountain with the snow covered Tararua's in the background

'Oh I wish I was in Wellington, 'cause then I'd be with you'

Well perhaps I'm feeling a little homesick, especially as is freezing in London and Summer in NZ. But I thought you might enjoy a little Wellington montage.

Many thanks to the nice people at the You can't beat Wellington on a good day Facebook page and Flickr for kindly donating their photographs.

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