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Lovin' your work!

I became a blogger in August after being inspired by Emma at White and Wander. It's been a fantastic journey, that does somewhat take over your life - I seem to be constantly thinking 'could I put that on my blog?' :) Apart from writing my blog and being humbled by the very kind comments people make, I have so enjoyed following some incredible blogs.

This post is dedicated to the blogs I follow regularly, I have been bowled over and sometimes a tiny bit jealous ;) of how incredibly talented people are, truly inspiring. So sit back, relax and enjoy some of my fav pics, in alphabetical order, from my fav blogs.

Angel at my table
(I wish she would blog more often as everything she posts is gorgeous)

Camilla at Home
Skandy fabulousness

Desire to Inspire
A very professional and prolific blog, there is always something new to discover. Run by Jo and Kim, apart from showcasing incredible talent, they are also following Kim's kitchen remodeling - very interesting. Check them out for an eclectic range of interiors with a retro twist.

Interior Divine
I wish she would blog more often also, her taste is exquisite.

This blog is an extension of her amazing shop - showcasing what's in store and what she loves.

Manon 21
Her blog is all in French including her kind comments on my blog (which I decode using babelfish) but we understand each other perfectly through the international language of great photography. From what I can work out I think she makes alot of the things featured on her blog. Plus she has snow effect on her blog - that alone is worth a visit :)

Marley & Locker
She loves white country style, I love white country style - always something good to see.

Modern Country
Not only does Aina make the majority of the things on her blog - which is mind boggling to say the least - she also photographs it all with magazine quality styling - WOW!!!

The gorgeous Amanda has a divine blog and she makes the sweetest comments on my blog - tremendous stuff.

Porchlight Interiors
Its hard to just pick one fav picture per blog and this is certainly one of those blogs. Tracey has such a great eye for gorgeousness you are spoilt for choice.

Swish & Swanky

Amanda has a eclectic and fun blog - well worth taking the time to enjoy.

That Unreliable Girl
I love Kit's quirky and original blog.

The Deco Detective
I admire Trudi, she is constantly reinventing her small flat - so clever. She also has a great list of other blogs and wonderful resources.

The House that A-M Built

A-M is experiencing the trials & tribulations of building her own home - great reading and lots of home inspiration.

The Laurel Hedge
The Marvellous Millie has been such a loyal and kind supporter of my blog. I love popping over to her blog to see what she's up to - always something amusing or interesting.

This is Glamorous
I think the name sayes it all!

White & Wander
Emma never puts a foot wrong - consistently great blogging

Wind Lost
Terri has a great eye for vintage pretty and she is such a kind commentor on my blog also.