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A patina of age

I found these incredible images via Paris Apartment blog, can you believe this amazing property Alder Manor in the Hudson Valley New York State, was abandoned - criminal. The house and grounds are incredible; a group called Tara Circle have bought it and a renovating it, these images from 2004 when they first bought it and not yet started restoration; I hope its sympathetic.

There is something so exciting yet sad about a property in this shape, I think because its abandoned one can feel a sense of ownership towards it. I want to bring it back to life, completely forgetting the millions, that it would take and I don't have; ah well a girl can dream. But I can just see myself sweeping around the grounds in flowing skirts....maybe I'm having a past life flash back! Lets hope it get the attention it so richly deserves.

Photographers and Film makers have seen its potential used it for photo shoots etc, it makes an wonderfully atmospheric back drop.

If your interested in other derelict buildings in the Hudson Valley click here or more Alder Manor

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