28 Feb 2009


On Thursday night I went to see Eonnagata at Sadlers Wells - so incredible. One of the most beautiful performances I have ever seen, a visual feast. Dance Theatre at its most creative; a wonderful use of light, costume and props.

Check out the clip and immerse yourself in the beauty. DANCE

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Blogger manon21 said...

je n'avias pas vu que tu m'avait cité sur ton blog!!!!!

28 February 2009 at 21:54  
Anonymous Jessie said...

It looks amazing, i just booked my tickets a few days ago! Glad it looks so promising. Love your recent posts!

1 March 2009 at 11:50  
Blogger Anna said...

so so beautiful!

1 March 2009 at 16:53  
Blogger Millie said...

Oh Vanya, I got goose-bumps looking at these exquisite images. A night in London at SW might just be enough to forgive the Poms for their miserable weather!
Millie ^_^

2 March 2009 at 17:44  
Blogger Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

touche Millie touche!

2 March 2009 at 20:10  

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