22 Mar 2009

Visual Feast

I have blogged about Nicolas Matheus before so please forgive me repeating, but I just so enjoy his images, each one is such a visual feast, a little holiday to dive into.


  1. What a fabulous photographer - thank you for these wonderful images. Leigh@brabournefarm

  2. très belle photos .
    j'adore le lit bleu!!!


  3. Oh that pic of the verandah at the white beach house is amazing - those 'lounge beds' with the big cushions are divine Vanya!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Hi Vanya,
    This is so funny, I was going to blog him just the other day! Of course, I ended up with something else (re: my decision problems)... We totally forgive you for repeating. I love the white-and red dining area!
    Hope you're having a lovely time enjoying spring!
    Trudi xo


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