27 Jun 2009


I posted about Sophie Conran's Pottery made by Portmeirion china factory which is based at Portemeirion, Gwynedd, North Wales. Portmeirion is an incredible village created by architect Clough (Cluff) Williams-Ellis. Williams-Ellis designed and constructed the village between 1925 and 1975. He incorporated fragments of demolished buildings, including works by a number of other architects; he wanted to pay tribute to the atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

Even though it rained the whole time I was there and crawling with people, it is a magical place and well worth a visit.

image source and source

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26 Jun 2009


We are going green this week to support the brave people of Iran who are fighting for their freedom. If you feel the same show your support by going green too.

Freedom of movement

Freedom of thought

Freedom of spirit

24 Jun 2009

Beach Bungalow Chic

How fab is this seaside home, I'm loving the blue floor - inspired.

Thanks to the fabulous Chelsea at Frolic for turning me onto this :)

Thanks Martha

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21 Jun 2009

Sophie Conran and Portmeirion

I've long been an admirer of this lovely range from designer and cook Sophie Conran made by English pottery makers Portmierion. It has a wonderful handmade tactile feel.

She also does these gorgeous candles that I just love

and the new range is called oak, reminiscent of wood carving, I don't like it as much as the original, but a couple of pieces are very successful


20 Jun 2009

Greek Islands - Aegina

So finally we get to the island that I actually stayed on. Aegina is the second closest island to Athens, about 1 1/2 ferry ride. Many Athenian's have weekend and summer houses here. Its not the typical Greek island style, quite built up, but there are still areas where you can get away and enjoy a quiet, relaxing time. I felt very relaxed by the end of the week, could have happily had another one!

sunset from the terrace

dinner by the med

de ja vue???

life in the back streets

our beach (1o mins walk from the apartment)

road side pottery stall, we bought some pretty aqua glazes jugs

The temple of Aphaia

sunset on our last day

heading to our beach for a final swim as the sun was setting

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