31 Jul 2009

Time Traveling

I am SO excited, one of my favorite books of all time 'The Time Travelers Wife' by the incredibly talented Audrey Niffenegger has been made into a film - gosh I do hope they do it justice; it does have the wonderful Eric Bana playing Henry, so that is a good start!

Roll on the 14th of August......check out the trailer


30 Jul 2009

200th Post!!!

photo source

WOW how time flies, hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as I have; thanks for joining me :)

28 Jul 2009

Croatia - Part Three - Fire works in Rijeka

I had such fun taking these pictures

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26 Jul 2009

More Divine Inspiration

24 Jul 2009

Creating Calm Interiors

Interior Designer Tom Scheerer

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23 Jul 2009

Armchair Traveller - Mexico....

...thanks to the incredible talent of Quentin Bacon.

I've never been to Mexico, always wanted to go, now I want to go even more! This is a great balm for the rubbish U.K summer so far........

I'm just gonna lounge on the hammock with a G&T for awhile, see ya later

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