26 Sep 2009

Max's Mummy

I blogged sometime ago about my lovely and dear friend Jo, and her creative talents - Aniseed. Jo has recently set up her own blog, chronicling her adventures as a first, sometimes bewildered, Mum. I salute her, it really does seem like the tough's job in the world; but Jo tackles it with such grace and humour, its inspiring. So with out futher ado, here is Max's Mummy!

The gorgeous couple on their wedding day in NZ, I was lucky enough to attend, it was wonderful

Max visits the Thames, I wonder if he will remember

Baby Max finally arrives, going over speed bumps really works!

The excited and slightly freaked out Jo & Richard bring Max home

adored by Mummy

and Daddy, Max is a very lucky boy.

Max recently turned one - Happy Birthday little man!

So pop over and say hi to Jo as she negotiates the joys and challenges of first time motherhood.

Max's Mummy

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23 Sep 2009

Sexy Chair

isn't the silk weave upholstery so luxe

I am so in love with this Matthew Hilton Chair - but even at trade price, I think I will be admiring the picture only for the near future.


22 Sep 2009

Petersham Nurseries

Join me for a little tour of this gorgeous nursery in Richmond, its definitely on my must see list.

if you enjoyed that, you might also enjoy Kew nearby

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18 Sep 2009

Flags of the World

Forgive my slight departure from the norm, but I thought this was so clever I just had to share it






South Korea


Australia - 'oh I could go a meat pie' ;)

see more here


16 Sep 2009

Hip Hotel Paris

I'm extremely fortunate to have very kind friends who let me stay with them when I visit Paris, but if I couldn't I think this is where I'd be Caron de Beaumarchais


15 Sep 2009

I had the time of my life and I owe it all to you.....




Goodbye Patrick - what a legend!


13 Sep 2009

Mid-Century Modern Cool

kicking myself I can't remember where I found this!

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12 Sep 2009

The Colours of Toast

Blogland has been awash with the Toast autumn catalogue this last month - forgive me for adding my 2 cents worth :)

I have long been obsessed by these wonderful hand blown glasses, I might just have to buy and ship them home

now they come in colours, how fun

have been in serious love with this beige ticking bedlinen for years, simply perfection

lovely shapes and can't you just smell the beeswax - heaven

blue & green, blue & green - say no more