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Max's Mummy


I blogged sometime ago about my lovely and dear friend Jo, and her creative talents - Aniseed. Jo has recently set up her own blog, chronicling her adventures as a first, sometimes bewildered, Mum. I salute her, it really does seem like the tough's job in the world; but Jo tackles it with such grace and humour, its inspiring. So with out futher ado, here is Max's Mummy!

The gorgeous couple on their wedding day in NZ, I was lucky enough to attend, it was wonderful

Max visits the Thames, I wonder if he will remember

Baby Max finally arrives, going over speed bumps really works!

The excited and slightly freaked out Jo & Richard bring Max home

adored by Mummy

and Daddy, Max is a very lucky boy.

Max recently turned one - Happy Birthday little man!

So pop over and say hi to Jo as she negotiates the joys and challenges of first time motherhood.

Max's Mummy

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