Endless Inspiration: The Water Tower                                                          

The Water Tower

I remember seeing this water tower conversion in Elle Decoration Magazine twelve years ago and being completely enamored with it; the building and the idyllic setting. Despite the weight of the tank above, the building almost seems to float amongst the trees. I love that I still find this building compelling after all these years, that must be good design. Enjoy the Water Tower House.






the coffee table becomes a table

how divine

view from the TV snug to living room

upstairs to the Master Bedroom

Master Bed has curtains around it that can be pulled close for privacy, darkness and insulation

not a bad view to wake up to

Up more stairs to the top of the glass tower

and the conservatory/green house

balcony from the green house

view of the top floors and tank

From the tank looking down, I wonder what happens up there? 
Would be a great sound proof party pad

Architect: Jo Crepin

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