23 Apr 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall

As much as I love art work, there is something magical about the glimmer and reflection of a mirror

source unknown

traditional and textural

source unknown

 source unknown

perfect for adding light to gloomy winter days

source unknown

source unknown

be it elaborate or humble 
source unknown

source unknown

Adding mystery in its deeps to be discovered

 source Skona Hem

source unknown

texture and glamour
 source Jason Loucas

Layer up with multiples

source Catherine Gratwicke

source unknown

source unknown

double your flowers!

source Carolyn Barber

double your pattern

source unknown

layered and light

source unknown

simple and sculptural

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20 Apr 2010

Calm & Modern Living Rooms

my fav PK22 Chairs - sigh
image source unknown

image source unknown

see more about this incredible house - here

image source unknown

image source

image source unknown

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11 Apr 2010

Boboli Gardens - Florence

A rather long overdue tour from my trip to Italy in October, of the glorious Boboli Gardens located behind the  Pilazzo Pitti. To get the lay of the land, click here for a v cool virtual tour or here for a general map

 Got your walking shoes on? Lets go!

 Palazzo Pitti

Check out the Grotto inside the Palazzo

The Amphitheatre

walk up the hill

to the Garden of the Cavalier and the Porcelain Museum

great views from the Cavalier Garden

The coffee house (sadly closed, sorry)

Not bad views of Florence from the Garden

Isolotto Fountain with loads of potted citrus trees!

The Orangery

Buontalenti Grotto

Bacchus Fountain

since you've walked so far and done so well I think you deserve a nice glass of wine :)


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4 Apr 2010

Happy Easter

Hope you are all having a relaxing and enjoyable break where ever you may be and the sun is either shining on your face or in your heart.

On Friday my sister, father and I had an afternoon at Ocean Beach, a fairly remote spot on the Wairarapa coast line. It was windy but, sunny and invigorating.

we parked up in the camp ground cooked some sausages for lunch and then when for a wander

as the coast line is so rough and the rip so bad, the only way to safely get fishing boats in and out 
of the water is by bulldozer

you can see which way the wind blows......

a sheltered corner the perfect spot for the great kiwi bach (pronounced batch). Although in recent years the bach has gone upmarket, because of a ban on new building and renovation on existing baches, Ocean Beach is a great example of the 'good old days' when baches were made from whatever was at hand or offcasts; recycling in a real way. Baches hold a very special place in the hearts and culture of New Zealanders.

anything to dissipate the often fierce wind

we used to have great fun sliding down this sand hill as kids

no landscaping or fences here

Pinnacles in the background formed by the wind moulding the soft stone

perfect spot for a sheltered picnic

kiwi bloke country :)

eclectic architecture

splendid isolation

time to head for home

looking towards Lake Ferry and out to sea


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