Endless Inspiration: Boboli Gardens - Florence                                                          

Boboli Gardens - Florence

A rather long overdue tour from my trip to Italy in October, of the glorious Boboli Gardens located behind the  Pilazzo Pitti. To get the lay of the land, click here for a v cool virtual tour or here for a general map

 Got your walking shoes on? Lets go!

 Palazzo Pitti

Check out the Grotto inside the Palazzo

The Amphitheatre

walk up the hill

to the Garden of the Cavalier and the Porcelain Museum

great views from the Cavalier Garden

The coffee house (sadly closed, sorry)

Not bad views of Florence from the Garden

Isolotto Fountain with loads of potted citrus trees!

The Orangery

Buontalenti Grotto

Bacchus Fountain

since you've walked so far and done so well I think you deserve a nice glass of wine :)


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