26 May 2010

this weeks winner is.....

Still London....... however in second place is the City of Sails

  I'm absolutely thrilled that kiwi's are loving my blog - good on ya :)

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Heart Felt

I had the pleasure of visiting the fabulous Janelle, from Heart Felt last week, we had afternoon tea at their new house in Greytown. So nice to chat, look around the house, see all the treasures Janelle has cleverly found being the master thrifter that she is!

If your not familiar or a follower of Heart Felt, I highly recommend it. Janelle blogs about the adventures her gorgeous kids get up to living in the Wairarapa, New Zealand. Let me introduce....



Apart from being a Mum of three, Librarian, master thrifter, Janelle is an awesome crafter - upcycling children's knitted items.

cosy woolie trousers

cute jumpers
Check out all of Janelle's fabulous wares on here Felt site and Etsy

Hope your having a great week!

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16 May 2010

this weeks winner is.....

Still London, (8 million people can't be wrong, not that I'm suggesting that's how many visitors I had on my site....maybe one day!) but closely following in second place is..............


What a beautiful city, I do hope to visit some day.

Thank you Canada, glad you could stop by


15 May 2010

My London Studio Apartment

Reading all the wonderful blogs I do, it has made me really appreciate 'real' interiors, as much as I ADORE a beautifully styled room, there is something fascinating about seeing how 'real' people live; especially before and afters!. As I have never owned my own house/flat/apartment/hovel of my own, (that in its self is an interior designers version of chinese water torture) it has made me inventive when it comes to putting my own stamp on the many rental properties I have lived in over the years. You have to work that much harder, to work around or with things that are really not your taste, but still make it feel like its your home.

Although its not the most inventive I have been in my rental life, I thought you might enjoy seeing my last flat in London, the small but perfectly formed studio flat - before and after photos........ be kind ;)
Du Cane Court Balham, the original plans
Du Cane Court is an Art Deco apartment block on Balham High Road, Balham, South West London.
A distinctive local landmark, it was opened in 1937, with 676 apartments, is the largest privately owned block of flats under one roof in Europe. It is so distinctive (at least from the air) that it was reputedly used as a navigational landmark by German pilots bombing London during the second world war. It was a popular place to live for many music hall stars in the 1930s and '40s and boasted a social club, on the top floor, before the area was converted into flats. My flat was part of the old Social Club.
Du Cane Court now, my flat was on the top of the stepped section
half of the second to top 'step' was my roof terrace, one of only two large terraces in the whole building
BEFORE: looking from the sleeping area towards living & terrace

     AFTER: I moved the dining into the middle of the room & put living in the corner, it was a great spot to stash all my excess fabric collection.......!

BEFORE: the kitchen, the green tiles really didn't do it for me, but you work with what you have

AFTER: I managed to squeeze ALOT into that tiny kitchen. Rockin' the Cath Kidston teatowel

AFTER: the utensils sat in an old glass jar & the fruit bowl, next to the pot plants, was also clear glass, great for not taking up too much visual space in a tight spot
BEFORE: sleeping area to living

BEFORE: very attractive shelving unit (NOT) I did get permission to paint, but never got round to it

BEFORE: Whole back wall of wardrobes with cupboards above, my saving grace

AFTER: I covered the shelving unit with a beige stripe cotton, perfect for disguising the ugly shelves and back of stereo and books

AFTER: the amount of stuff I managed to shoe horn into those cupboards was a miracle!

BEFORE: front door to the left
AFTER: kitchen to the right, bathroom door next to wardrobe on right
BEFORE: bathroom

AFTER: not a huge change, but the voile curtain gave me much more privacy

BEFORE: was dining, now.....

AFTER: living, this is where I used to sit to blog, hence the mac. The armchair is one of the few pieces of furniture I shipped back to NZ with me. I found it looking battered and sad, got it fixed and reupholstered, its now my fav piece! P.S: The main curtains were not my choice....

AFTER: I put up the printed voile at the window, privacy, peace & calm (apart from the traffic noise!!!)
AFTER: winter cosiness
BEFORE: living/dining to front door

AFTER: not the greatest image, the book shelf got V full with all my china finds....but cosy

AFTER: looking through from the roof terrace

AFTER: living to terrace, indoor/outdoor flow was great

BEFORE: roof terrace

Enjoy the great views from the terrace

Can you see Canary Wharf in the background?

can you see the Gherkin Building in the back ground?

Thanks for visiting, do call again I'll put the kettle on :)

past posts about life in the studio flat here
 and here 

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7 May 2010

And the winner is.......


I have recently become a wee bit obsessed with Google Analytic's, I know it took me awhile to discover it..... It's been so interesting to see where in the world the lovely people who read my blog live. This week the most readers are from London, my second home - thanks guys & girls it means alot! :)

Who will it be next week........? Stayed tuned to find out!

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1 May 2010

The Gardens of Eaton Hall

Last year I was lucky enough to visit these beautiful gardens, near Chester. We were working on the house and had the extraordinary privilege to enjoy the gardens in private.

the house and the chapel with clock tower to the left

the stables butting against the family chapel

the stables

Looking out the front entrance gates

the beautiful wild flower meadow - I love the contrast of structure & wild

The seat at the end of the wild flower meadow

the dragon gardens

looking back to the house & chapel from the Dragon Gardens

looking toward the garden pavillion

the garden pavilion

to find out more about Eaton Hall click here

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