18 Jun 2010

Blooming in Winter

Well this is my first New Zealand winter for eight years and apart from the rain, rain, rain and lack of central heating (that is a blog post in its self!) I think I have been surviving quite well. What makes it easier I think than a U.K winter, so far is its not quite as cold (apart from inside without central heating....) but also alot of the New Zealand native trees and plants are evergreen; this makes things feel more alive and cheerful.

I have been feeling a pang, looking at the blog posts of the Northern Hemisphere spring/summer and all the glorious flowers, but I figure, just cause its winter doesn't mean you can't have flowers in your life - thank you fabric & wallpaper!

source unknown

source unknown

source Rose Tarlow

source unknown

source unknown

source unknown

source Alan Jensen

source Cath Kidston

source via Dress Design Decor

source Ethan Ollie

Source Sanderson

source unknown

source unknown

source T Mag

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Making Winter Glorious

Finally the rain has stopped, three weeks was quite enough! The sun is shining and everyone is feeling alot happier for it. What better way to brighten up a winter day than the gorgeous work of Diane Massey-Molloy, now available at Hope & Glory!

loving it? See more at Hope & Glory


17 Jun 2010

Yummy Jewellery at Hope & Glory

Hop over to H&G and check out the Scrumptious new range of jewellery I've just received;

using new & vintage to create a unique range, I'm rockin' the granny chic :)



7 Jun 2010


Opened on Saturday!

here is a teaser, pop over to Hope & Glory to see more

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2 Jun 2010

Hope & Glory

Hi there

Sorry its all been rather quiet on the inspiration front of late, I have been beavering away on a new project that has been keeping me rather busy; I am opening a store in Martinborough, Wairarapa, New Zealand. As ya do :)

I was going to pop back to the U.K for their summer and work, then come back to NZ and set up the shop in November, but the perfect premises came up so I thought, why not!

Here is the building

The Old Station Hotel was relocated from Masterton 30kms away about 10 years ago, its on the main st and right next to the very popular wine centre

Hope & Glory has the down stairs area, it was a real estate office hence the pics in the window. The HIDEOUS sign in going today - hooray!

Cute side window under the veranda. The whole building desperately needs repainting, which I'm told will happen in the near future. In the mean time I have been given permission to paint my windows and doors, however it has been raining for the last week and half so that will have to wait till next week unfortunately.

the interior - before, door to rather grand communal hall and stairs

looking out the front and side windows, LOTS of painting has happen since this was taken, nearly there - thank god, I have calluses on my calluses!

the nasty fluro's have gone, love the tongue & groove wooden ceiling, oh but what a hell of a thing to paint, especially with a 3.8m high stud height
After photos coming soon, stay tuned......

I have set up a rather basic blog to start me off and will graduate to something a bit more fancy soon, with a real logo :)


I have BIG plans for the shop, but starting small and evolving. I would love you to join me on this new big exciting and scary adventure!!!

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