25 Jul 2010

Get your Gold on!

Make winter glow with a touch of the gold stuff.

image source this is glamorous
whether you do splashes of gold

image source unknown

image source unknown

image source unknown

image source unknown

or hints of gold

image la maison boheme

imagehttp://studiohousedesign.blogspot.com/ studio house design
gold warms up where ever it goes

image vincente wolf

image source unknown
be it the frame

image source this is glamorous
or what's in the frame

image lenin imports

image source this is glamorous
try going subtle
image pure home style

or why not on everything!

image source unknown
gold works well in a traditional setting

image source unknown

as it does in contemporary

image source unknown
Why not fabric in your living room

image source unknown
or in your bedroom
image vincente wolf
or on your handbag

image red direct
or even on you

image this is glamorous
how ever you do it, don't forget to sparkle!

image beth retro

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10 Jul 2010

H & G

Hope & Glory (my shop!) still wrapping my brain around that; well the blog has had a mini makeover, major make over to come, my very talented and lovely graphic designer friend is working her magic - so exciting! But in the meantime I've done a re-jig and freshen up, which is an improvement I think, so check it out and let me know your thoughts. Comments on H&G are now open to all, weirdly it was set to only followers before, so I do apologise, v annoying I'm sure.

Thought I'd give you a quick round up of some of the lovelies that have recently rolled in the door.....

Hiliarious Babushka Skipping ropes + friends and the cute apple card sets

gorgeous glamorous 70's gold dessert glasses

sparkly glasses & crystal bowls
great new range of jewellery

beautiful cards by the very talented NZ artist Rochelle Andrews
not new but on a rolling rotation all the wonderful fabrics I bought back from the U.K with me
and yes there is Cath Kidston hand & body products - can you imagine my excitement!!!

and how pretty do they look - swoon
To see more mooch over to Hope & Glory

Have a great weekend!


5 Jul 2010

Winter Warmers

Just cos its mid winter and chilly on this side of the world, doesn't mean we can't rug up stylishly!

rich and inviting, coffee sacks are def cool

green can be warm, warming it up with velvet and wood, I have green on two walls at the shop, I love it

rockin' the plaid, I have a similar one on my bed at the moment

what can't a plaid blanket do? Plus a fabulous head board helps :)

not just the fire, but the books make the room feel cosy - I adore the colours

imagine staying in this bedroom - wonderful

as a rule I don't do camping, but I could do this!
keep cosy!

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