28 Sep 2010

Manuel Canovas - Pergola

As many of you know in my past life in London, one of my jobs was managing the trade showroom of Colefax & Fowler at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. It really fed my love of textiles, working with such gorgeous brands as Colefax & Fowler, Jane Churchill, Larsen and Manuel Canovas; all of which are part of the Colefax Group. I have started stocking Colefax Group Fabrics at my shop hope & glory, which I'm really excited about. Had a really lovely customer in yesterday, Michelle, we were chatting fabric, cushions, blogs, interiors etc etc. Michelle being the motivated girl that she is makes new cushions every season for her sofa, now that is dedication, I salute you Michelle! She told me about a blog Ada & Darcy that she follows and how she fell in love with a cushion featured and she was desperately trying to find a fabric similar. Michelle mentioned that the design was a pergola and it had pinks, turquoise and limes in it.

images via Ada & Darcy blog
As soon as I saw these images I knew instantly that it was Manuel Canovas Pergola. This is a fantastic large scale print with a number of colourways, it was available as a velvet, shown on the cushion is the cotton.

via taj housing
via anne ginger
via anne ginger
I don't have Michelle's details, but she did take my endless inspiration and my hope & glory blog addresses, so I'm hoping that she will see this post and 'if you do Michelle, according to my price list this is not a current fabric, but I'm making enquiries to see if I can get it in for you!

Best wishes


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21 Sep 2010

Happy Heartfelt Birthday

A BIG happy birthday to the lovely Jannelle of Heartfelt blog. 

I popped by her place today to say hi and she told me it was her birthday! If I have known I would have brought her something spoily. We had a cuppa, raspberry slice, a potter round the garden and chatted shed conversion potential - the perfect afternoon really.

Jannelle is a super talented thrifter, crafter and inspiring mum of three. Her fabulous blog is a great window to her world and work. Heartfelt is one of my most favourite blogs and always a joy to check out; growing up in the Wairarapa never looked so good!

Lovely to see you today Jannelle, hope you get some quality birthday time after the kids have gone to bed ;)

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20 Sep 2010

Bathing in Bath

just a wee continuation of the Bath wander we had not so long ago, no trip to Bath is complete without seeing the place that Bath was named after, well at least once.

I give you the Roman Baths
sadly you can no longer swim in the baths, who really wants to see a whole bunch of tourists wallowing around in there

Bath first established as a spa resort with the Latin name, Aquae Sulis, meaning "the waters of Sulis" by the Romans in AD 43

They built baths and a temple on the surrounding hills of Bath in the valley of the river Avon around hot springs, which are the only ones naturally occurring in the United Kingdom.

obligatory tourist shot!


Roman Life Guards?!

if you fancy a dip, you can go to the new baths, Aquae Sulis, which has a fantastic huge thermal pool on its roof

Much later, Bath became popular as a spa resort during the Georgian era, which led to a major expansion that left a heritage of exemplary Georgian architecture crafted from Bath Limestone.

To see this superb Georgian Architecture check out my previous Bath post

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14 Sep 2010

h&g spring/summer inspiration

image source unknown

image source

image source unknown

image source house & garden mag

just a little taste of what is inspiring me for the upcoming seasons at my shop
hope & glory
click here to see more :)

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5 Sep 2010


my then 26 year old Dad and me, nearly one I think.
he must have been thinking, "what on earth do I do with this"
and, "this will be expensive!"



4 Sep 2010

The drinks are on me

We are toasting the arrival of Southern Hemisphere spring - hooray!!!

image source unknown 

 surely it will be warm enough soon for pineapple cooler outside?!

image source unknown
 swimming and lounging by the pool with colourful mocktails

image source unknown
well at least flouncing around the fields in warmth and comfort?
no? well a girl can dream!

image source unknown
 at least colourful soda is a year round treat - YAY

image source unknown
in the meantime, grab a glass from the rake (I know great right) and name your poison

image via brabourne farm
choose your mixer

image via sf girl
 have a couple

image from Lonny Mag
sit back, grab a book and relax, summer's just around the corner


1 Sep 2010

Walking through Bath, Somerset UK

One of my favorite places in the UK is Bath, I was lucky enough to have the use of a fantastic apartment down there on weekends, it was just off the Circus, fabulous location.  As I spent quite a lot of time in Bath, this post celebrates the joy that is walking through Bath and discovering its beauty at a leisurely pace. - enjoy.

of course Bath wouldn't be Bath without its grand Georgian Architecture and the Circus doesn't disappoint

but its lovely to have these little gems hidden away to humanise the grandness

wouldn't it be charming to live here

or here!

I just don't know if you can beat an English garden in May - heavenly

lets stroll into town

admire the cathedral

stairway to heaven?

lets avoid the tourist and tuck into this pretty side chapel

and admire the skill of the stonemasons who can be extremely proud of this ceiling
just encase you wanted an overview of what you've been wandering around
circus on the right, the crescent on the left
image source

I wish I could say that the last image was taken by me, but no. I use to wake sometimes to the hot air balloons heading over the top of the apartment, what a marvelous way to see the city.

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