28 Oct 2010

Vintage Humour

h&g is now stocking the Anne Taintor range of vintage humour products, such fun.

From magnets, coasters, to nail files and lip balm - classic vintage ladies teamed up with spot on today's humour.
doesn't she looks like Alison Holst's twin!

I had to get this as I SO don't do camping!

Each lovely lady, was a 'real' person and I love that their back story is celebrated on the Anne Taintor website.

"Susann Shaw arrived in New York City in 1937 at age 17 with no money and an eagerness to prove herself. She had been raised in boarding schools and, while she lacked the support of a family, she was intelligent and hard-working. She found a room at the YWCA and a job in a secretarial pool. She remembers the City then as being so bright and lively and clean.
Susann’s fellow secretaries urged her to become a model; she assumed they were just trying to be nice to her! But on June 27, 1938, the very day Susann was married, her new husband drove her to the Fifth Avenue address of the John Robert Powers Modeling Agency and asked his young bride to go up and try her luck. Unassuming Susann was easily discouraged by the haughty receptionist, but when she was halfway back out the door she heard a man’s voice: “Hey you! Miss! Wait!” Although, as Susann recalls, she had been brought up to ignore the calls of strange men something made her turn around......"

To read the rest of Susann's story click here


7 Oct 2010

Great day for a white wedding

Weddings are big business in the Wairarapa, alot of couples decide to have their big day here, often in one of the many lovely wineries in the area. To this end, I've been thinking what do I have in my shop hope & glory that would make great, useful and beautiful wedding presents...... I have a definite lack is the conclusion I've come to.

image hello friend

So I would love your help! What did you get for your wedding that was, beautiful, useful or your favourite?

Many thanks in advance :)

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