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Cath Up your Life!

I wish I'd bought up a whole shopful of Cath Kidston when I lived in the UK - sigh. However I can enjoy her fantastic London home whenever I want thanks to the lovely people at Lonny - how kind :)

So without further ado, welcome to Cath's place!

Cath's so glad you could make it - look she and Stanley are waiting for you just inside the gate!

first come into the kitchen
CK has prepared a lovely lunch for you - pretty, pretty, pretty
and the view to the garden is not bad either
wasn't that delicious! We'll just stack up the dishes, I know you're anxious for the guided tour

have a browse around the library
books, what books?! Its all about the pom poms
We'll just breeze through the gracious drawing room
admiring the details
if you need the throne room, Stanley can show you the way
if you are one of those nosy guests who look inside cupboards - Cath is ready for you
lets rest awhile
and then head upstairs
I know you wish you were staying
especially in this very pretty guest room

and the heavenly bathroom
with the handbasin tucked into this lovely cabinet - isn't she clever!
pretty towels waiting for you
lets face it, who wouldn't want to wallow in this glorious bath tub
your could even bring you best CK accessories

well maybe next time, if you're very good! :)

My lovely store hope & glory is very proud to be stockists of the Cath's divine range of hand and body products - good on ya Cath.

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