30 Dec 2010

White Christmas - Last Christmas

I have always loved Wham's Last Christmas song & video


I have dreamed for years of having a White Christmas, but to date not had one, in my mind it always looked like the Last Christmas Vid :)
Now I have found the perfect place to have my Last Christmas, White Christmas moment, thanks to the lovely Mrs French at Bliss Blog for giving me the heads up!

isn't it fabulous, I know its not a trad log cabin, but I think if Wham was to do a remake today, they would totally go pod!

imagine a cosy rugged up picnic with lashings of hot chocolate

this is as close as I could possibly get to camping ;)

everything looks so cosy & stylish - love it

then why not take a winter wonderland walk to the restaurant

this would be a great spot for the dinner scene

then ski back to the pod
the weather outside maybe frightful, but inside mmmmm delightful
To keep dreaming further and book your next White Christmas, 
check out the White Pod.....ahh one day!
I'm sure George would approve :)


28 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas

image Martha Stewart
 Hope you are having a wonderful relaxing time with your nearest & dearest :)

I had a perfect kiwi Christmas, hot sunny day, eating outdoors in a beautiful garden, looking over a picturesque farm - lovely!


12 Dec 2010

Birthday Giveaway WINNER

Thanks to all my lovely followers who have made the last three years of blogging such a great, international adventure! I have loved every minute of it and your support, encouragement, kindness and enthusiasm have been amazing - THANK YOU :)

The winner of the sparkly purse is ............

.......lovely follower number 63 - Yvette Inufio, congratulations Yvette!

Yvette has the most gorgeous blog Morning Light in my Room, showcasing her incredibly beautiful photography; she is really one talented woman.

I love her work so much I bought one of her prints last year - divine.

I've emailed you Yvette, as soon I hear back from you with your address this little beauty will be winging its way to you :)


1 Dec 2010

Real Estate, real estate

oh how I love looking at other peoples houses :) I'm the sort that likes to go for walks at dusk when people have their lights on but not closed their curtains, just so I can have a good look at their houses - that is not as creepy as it sounds....! ;)

How is this for a great project

the pink palace

I'd love to know what is in that bag, a sewing machine or typewriter? Fabulous!

all the bedrooms are painted this colour

cute kitchen

its obviously been someones pride and joy
Click here to see more of this treasure

how is this for a tardis!

this is the front - very sweet
this is the side!
and back, extraordinary.
the interior is not to my taste but still worth a look

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