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H&M does it again!

When I lived in London, so many of my wardrobes staples came from H&M; inexpensive and fashion/trend led it was a great place to shop, I miss it! Even now back in NZ people always ask me where I got certain pieces of clothing and the answer is invariably 'H&M'.

So you can imagine my excitment when I heard they had launched a homeware collection!!! Thanks to my lovely friend & ex-collegue Carole of Dear Designers blog, for giving me the heads up!

I have just been trawling through the H&M home site to bring you my fav's & must haves.

From Earthy Chic


duvet cover


tea towel

table runner

paper napkins

To Pretty & Flowery

pretty tea towel
would dearly love this door mat outside my shop!

another pretty tea towel

and shower curtain!

lace table cloth
and quirky/fun


duvet cover


and another fabulous cushion
I was really impressed with the website, its really well set out and anything you click on it gives you the co-ordinates or relating products which is really helpful.

So go check it out and if you are UK based and buy something, let me know so I can live vicariously through you!!! :)

H&M Home

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