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had to show you this!

my lovely friend Jo of Brown Paper String Blog is a very stylish kiwi girl based in London. She knows how much I LOVED Princess Diana when I was a child, I even had Diana & Charles paper dolls that my aunt sent from London. I use to play with them all the time, so my brother knew if he wanted to be really mean to me, the best way to do it was to do something terrible to the paper dolls - he did, he cut them and all the clothes to shreds! Oh I was so distraught, in the end my mother had to ask my aunt to send over another set, phew!

I still have them packed away somewhere, cut out and well loved. I went for a little search on the internet and found some lovely person on flickr who still has them untouched in the book - WOW that is restraint.

It was amazing looking through the different dresses (I wasn't really interested in Charles at all - poor Charles) it felt like yesterday, I know them all so well. I also obsessively cut out pics of Diana from magazines and made endless scrap books, all through my childhood through to my teens......!

the cover, they both look blushed within an inch of their lives

rather racy under wear for Diana, loving the socks on Charles!

Diana's rather controversial pre-wedding evening dress it showed too my cleavage
for the royal family to approve of!

the requisite Sloany country clothes

the day clothes

I totally remember her wearing this blue dress, was in it OZ?

the gorgeous evening gowns

I ADORED this emerald green dress, still do!

and of course THE dress
Armed with this knowledge, Jo knew exactly the right present to send for my birthday in March
yip you guessed it, William & Kate paper dolls!

Kate's underwear is a bit more appropriate than Diana's

nice boxers Will ;)

all the important dresses are here, the engagement sapphire blue

the simple and beautiful pink evening dress

loving the pink wellies

and of course the big day

a last minute promotion saw Will's uniform change to red

the artist best guess of what Kate might wear, not bad
and here they are in my shop in all their glory :)
Thanks Jo they have been much admired!

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