Endless Inspiration: The Californian Bungalow                                                          

The Californian Bungalow

 I thought it might be fun to show you a flat that I rented last year, that I furnished on a shoe string budget. 

All before photo show the previous tenants possessions

Before - Living Room

after - looks a bit empty, needs an area rug and art work, that came later
a painting canvas drop cloth covers a old battered, but very comfy rocking chair
before - dining (a great table & chairs and fun to have the piano)
after - a more minimalist version
table set with vintage poole china

Before - Kitchen
Kitchen - after (I just had to take the wooden shelves down, they really bugged me)

Before - the veranda bedroom
After - the veranda bedroom (a change of curtains and of course white bedlinen)
After - the veranda bedroom (pretty dresser borrowed from friends)
After - looking into the veranda bedroom
Before - the front bedroom
After - front bedroom, with change of bed orientation

Before - Bathroom
After - Bathroom (its amazing what a few well chosen accessories will do for a room)

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