24 Jan 2013

The beautiful Donna Hay Shop in Woollahra

Before it closed I have the pleasure of exploring Donna Hay's stunning homewares store in Woollahra. It was a very hot day in Sydney, but it was well worth the pilgrimage. I really wish I have bought some milk glass!

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Blogger Brown Paper & String said...

Loving those pompoms! x

24 January 2013 at 23:42  
Blogger Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a wonderful shop and I love Donna Hay! I would love a 1/2 doz. of those milk glass cake pedestals!! Thanks for the sneak peak Vanya.

25 January 2013 at 02:34  
Blogger Windlost said...

You know we just discovered Donna Hay within the last year. My Mom has satellite tv and I was watching all these Aussie cooking shows! I'd always seen the gorgeous magazines of course but hadn't clued in that she was a real person!!!

12 April 2015 at 15:07  
Blogger Vanya Wilkinson said...

I know the milk glass really makes me swoon :)

14 April 2015 at 06:53  
Blogger Vanya Wilkinson said...

She is huge here in OZ, one of the most popular cooks, she has been around for a long time. All her cook books are so beautifully styled and shot, they are like works of art! :)

14 April 2015 at 06:54  

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